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5 autobiographies to look out for

5 Autobiographies to Look Out For

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    Sep 02, 2015   Author : admin

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There are times when sitting down to read a fascinating autobiography can be a smashing idea. This is a way of finding out more about your favourite celebrity or else discovering a new and interesting person you didn't know much about before. The following are some of the most interesting autobiographies around.

Experience - Martin Amis 

Martin Amis is a writer who divides opinion, but many people rate this book of memoirs as his most readable affair. He covers highly personal areas such as his relationship with father, death and his troublesome teeth. If you have ever felt the urge to read an Amis book then this is your best place to get started.  

The Moon's a Balloon - David Niven 

David Niven died a good few years ago but his bestselling autobiography remains an absorbing read. The British actor has been accused of embellishing stories and making some stuff up for this book but it is still a brilliant read. This is a great way to read about the outrageous and fascinating antics of Hollywood stars of the past.  

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie - Andrew Carnegie 

It may be that you have only ever heard of Carnegie because of the buildings that are named after him in the US. He was a Scot who moved to the US and quickly become one of the richest men to have ever walked the Earth. In keeping with his belief that the rich have a duty to society he gave away about 90% of his fabulous wealth.  You might expect a staid, boring book but it is actually very interesting and takes us back to a completely different world. 

Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela

You probably already know a fair bit about Nelson Mandela but this book will give you a greater insight into the former South African President.  This is the book that inspired a major movie but reading it is even more inspiring than seeing it on the screen.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou

This is one of the most moving and searingly honest autobiographies you will ever read. Maya Angelou starts this book when she was sent away to live with her grandmother at the age of 3. By the time it ends she is a mother at the age of 16 and has already been through many harrowing experiences, caused mainly by racism and rape. Her life story is taken up after this in the next book, Gather Together in My Name. 


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