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don't slack this bank holiday weekend: your weekend fun guide!

Don't Slack This Bank Holiday Weekend: Your Weekend Fun Guide!

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    Aug 27, 2015   Author : admin

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This Bank holiday weekend in London...

If by any circumstances you are compelled to spend the vacation within the limits of your city, you shouldn't be upset, especially now that August Bank Holiday 2015 is coming – there is a great variety of options to consider. You may plan out every day of your welcome rest in such a way that you will get a sense of going away for vacation.

Surely you've heard about food festivals, which are being held with ever increasing frequency. It is definitely a good idea to spend a day at one of such festivals if only because there you can sample delicious food from a number of different restaurants without sticking to the menu of a single one. For example, among many other festivals on August Bank Holiday 2015, an impressive amount of street food will be served at the London Notting Hill Carnival on August 29 through 31. And after a hearty lunch you can pop into a cushion-chair on the grass, a glass of wine in your hand, and enjoy your rest to the full.


If you’re a music fan (and who isn’t, really?), consider going to the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF), which is expected to be Europe's largest free music event. The event will take place from August 27 through 31, so get your ears ready for some fun!

For several reasons you can recall that you know how to ride a bicycle. Firstly, there is nothing better than a leisurely and pleasure-giving bike ride in the park. Secondly, cycling is an excellent workout, which helps to pump up your muscles. So when you’re in the city, why not hop along on a bike and see the city on your own. If you don’t have a bike, hire a Santander bike, London’s newest red pride!

When people go on vacation, they are overwhelmed with a thought that they can finally give vent to their laziness. If you happen to spend the vacation in your own city, don't stop going to the gym, and since you’ve got some extra time there – spend it there wisely.  Not only will you take care of your body, but also become more self-disciplined. Moreover, you can continue doing exercises even on returning to work so that fitness can remain a part of your life.

If you don't have an opportunity to travel to warm countries with golden sands and luxury hotels, don't worry! It is always possible to find an alternative, which will not hit your pocket, and makes you feel that the summer passes for a good reason. There is a great number of beaches not far away from London. All that you need is to choose the one appealing to you. Then your dreams about lying on a sun-lounger after taking a dip in the pool will come true. For example, consider going to Slapton Sands beach, which is especially peaceful and calm at the end of summer. In London, go from Paddington to Totnes, and then take a taxi that will get you to the beach within 20 minutes.

Another great option for Londoners would be Priory Bay beach, which is famous for its oyster bar and fascinating views. In London, go from Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour, and take a taxi straight to Priory Bay in 15 minutes.

As you can see, there’s always something fun and exciting to do during summer even if you’re staying in the city. Apparently, having a good vacation doesn't necessarily mean going to an expensive island resort. A good vacation is rather how you spend the vacation no matter where you are.


Image: Donald Chambers for theLondonNottingHillCarniva.coml, Liverpoolecho,  |  MYC Lifestyle Writer: Polina Tikhonova



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