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Dry shampoo the reason for hair loss -- myth or truth?

Dry Shampoo the Reason for Hair Loss -- Myth or Truth?

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    Sep 04, 2015   Author : admin

We’ve discussed the business of co-washing before; a task where you have to give up shampoo in favour of cleansing your hair with the use of a conditioner. Results will certainly vary, since all women have different types of hair. Now, we’re shifting our focus to this one big question wondered (and feared) by many: can dry shampoo actually lead to hair loss?

Famed fashion blogger and author, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, was quoted to have blogged, “Because when I was in Australia, a trusted enough source insinuated that this was the case. If it is true, I am in for a punfully rude awakening that will literally pull the hair off my head. Why? Because I have stopped washing my hair with water as a result of dry shampoo's expert ability to perform the trick hygiene surface skimmers like myself pursue regularly. I am so convicted in my affection for the wonder-product that I even delivered a PSA on it a few months ago. But now this? Is it true? Do you know?”

At first, we were convinced this was not blogged by Leandra. But a quick search via Google will yield you this devastating result. So is dry shampoo really the villain behind some women’s hair loss? Let’s find out with some facts from

Here are some reasons why you're losing your hair:

  1. Physical & Emotional Stress
  2. Lack of Protein
  3. Heredity
  4. Female Hormones
  5. Medicines (Anti-Depressants)

While these are some common factors why women (and men) experience hair loss, we weren’t able to find a concept that would relate dry shampoo to losing one’s hair until we found out that... overstyling is a major factor to consider. Extreme styling include hair weaves, corn rows, tight braids, chemical relaxers to straighten hair, hot-oil treatments and any kind of harsh chemical or high heat. It is said that these practices can affect the growth of hair roots, and they might never grow back. This may be the reason why people who use dry shampoo tend to experience hair loss due to the unlikely ingredients found in the product: alcohol, petroleum, brown algae and clay.

In this regard, many hair experts will advice you to look for "quality" dry shampoos over supermarket brands. This will ensure that the product you are using will not damage your hair in the long run. However, we also found out that it’s really not the dry shampoo that’s ruining your hair. As a result of not washing your hair for a very long time, normal shedding can happen all at once, which is depicted as hair loss

But regardless of what we’ve reported, make sure you drop a quick visit to your hair specialist just to keep yourself in check. Your hair is your crowning glory, after all.


Image: MakeUpAndBeauty | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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