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Film this weekend: fantastic 4

Film this weekend: Fantastic 4

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    Aug 08, 2015   Author : admin


It seems as though a new superhero movie comes out just about every week now, so why would you want to see the brand new Fantastic Four movie that is just out? The well received trailers that came out at the start of this year certainly set the scene well and got a lot of people excited about this movie.

This film has been directed by Josh Trank and stars Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, Kata Mara and Michael B. Jordan in the four title roles. Toby Kebbell stars as the villainous Doctor Doom.

The plot sees the 4 youngsters sent to a strange place called Planet Zero, where their bodies are altered and they can gain incredible new powers. This is where we are introduced to their new alter egos of the Human Torch, Invisible Girl, the Thing and Mr Fantastic, although these names aren't ever used in the movie. 

They soon need to use their newly gained superpowers to help save the Earth from the sinister plans of Doctor Doom. The movie runs for 100 minutes and it has to be said that early reviews have been less than glowing.

Many critics have pointed to a dull plot, lame dialogue and poor ending in their reviews to date. On the positive side of things, the acting has been widely praised and some critics enjoyed the different approach taken here from that of other superhero films. The word from 20th Century Fix is that director Trank wanted it to be more grounded and more emotional than previous Marvel Comics films.

Fantastic Four is expected top the US box office lists when it opens and it will be interesting to see how it fares there and here in the UK. If you like the idea of superhero movies but have never seen one that quite convinces you then the darker and more character driven approach on this one might appeal to you. However, if you prefer lots of colour, action and humour then it probably isn't right for you. 


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Written by MYC Film Writer Robert Bell

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