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Gigi hadid is “wrecked by success”

Gigi Hadid Is “Wrecked by Success”

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    Aug 14, 2015   Author : admin

Posted in: CULTURE

They say that there’s price to pay when one becomes famous -- and Gigi Hadid will prove it. The 20-year-old Sports Illustrated model stars in a 7-minute feature film by V Magazine entitled "Those Wrecked by Success" as directed by Sebastian Faena. The video revolves around Gigi’s portrayal of a woman who just won a best actress award at the Oscars, and she is clearly having a hard time grasping her overnight success. If you’ve never felt what it feels like to have everything you ever wanted handed out to you, then this film will move you to question fame in all its glory. And we have Gigi Hadid’s acting prowess to thank in the video below:

Image: | MYC Writer: Elonah Jade Bioneda

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