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I have a liberal arts degree. now what?

I Have a Liberal Arts Degree. Now What?

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Liberal arts graduates have a penchant for navigating esoteric theories and vast concepts and distilling pertinent arguments. They can assimilate heaps of information. They can read and write well. They know how to think and make connections. Knowing how to think is an invaluable skill set no matter what career path on which one embarks and, unlike many technical skills, will not soon become obsolete. This makes a liberal arts grad highly adaptable no matter the industry or the job.

A liberal arts degree is also a great pairing with any technical skills one acquires. This is the reason why many arts degree students go on to community colleges for more practical training. It was Steve Job’s knowledge of calligraphy that set the basis for the typeface and font for the first Apple computers. The broad based knowledge of a liberal arts grad thus can have vast and varied applications.

Many liberal arts degree graduates chose jobs in the social services. Graduates of the liberal arts, the social sciences and humanities, are in high demand for jobs in government, business, non-governmental organizations and more, in the United Kingdom and internationally. But there are even more ways to become more employable:

Get More Education

A liberal arts degree is often used as a foundation for further study. It is great preparation for law school, teaching college or the plethora of graduate degrees that many universities offer. Liberal arts graduates often study: education, business, journalism, library science, psychology, sociology, speech pathology, communications, public relations, at the graduate level or college level. If you take some fundamental science courses during your liberal arts degree, as electives perhaps, you may also qualify for admission to medical school.

Studies have shown that furthering your education will pay off: While many liberal arts graduates start with lower salaries compared to their peers, if they have further graduate education, they often earn more than their peers.

Develop a skill set

Statistics and reports show that a liberal arts graduate is especially adept at meeting the desires and expectations of their employers because of their general skills. Employers typically want to hire people who have a broad knowledge base and can work collaboratively to analytically solve problems and communicate their results clearly. Contrary to many other degrees, liberal art grads have these very abilities.  

That said, a liberal arts graduate, and especially one who has decided not to pursue further study, would do well to develop another, more defined, skill set, whether that be social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, journalism or writing grant proposals.

When it comes to finding a job, it’s not so much about what you studied, but rather what you can do with, or despite, what you studied.


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Written by MYC Writer Simone M. Samuels

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