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Meditation 101 and why it’s good for your mind

Meditation 101 And Why It’s Good For Your Mind

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    Aug 31, 2015   Author : admin

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We live in a busy world and no matter what we do; there are times we cannot keep up it. The demands of the real world are far greater than an idealistic college graduate could imagine so after two or three years at work, it’s normal to feel worn out at the seams but the question is, how do we really deal with stress? A Buddhist monk once said, “To end all sufferings, one must learn to know himself first.” So why not pack your bags and go on a meditation retreat for a few days to figure things out? 

Meditation gives you focus in life. Trying meditation is not easy especially for first-timers so you actually need to be patient with yourself. As you focus on your breathing it is no surprise to find your mind wandering after a few minutes or so and this is entirely okay. You don’t need to do the hard-core hour-long meditation not when you’re a newbie since meditation is quite like a different language, so be gentle with yourself. However as you progress and as you go on each day, you might find your mind being in synch with your body and this is a clear sign that meditation is working for you. If you continue to practice it even after your meditation retreat, you will find your mind being able to focus and concentrate more.

Did you know that meditation also keeps anxieties at bay? With stress happening left and right, you tend to be anxious and worried even about the littlest and slightest detail of your everyday life. What will I take for lunch? What about dinner? Will I go to yoga? Or will I go on a date with the guy I’ve met on Tinder? Wait, do I have a deadline at work? The world around us is busy because we tend to all live a busy life. Meditation on the other hand tries to pull us out from our daily grind so it’s no wonder how it makes us feel unsettling. However as you dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time each day, you will find yourself worrying less. You will realize that time is precious and that being anxious all the time is just a waste of time and energy.

Meditation also helps fight out depression. Do you feel like you lack the energy to go on with your life? Meditate for it can help you keep gloomy thoughts at a distance. When you meditate, you try to focus on your breathing (rising, falling, breathe in and out) and for a few minutes you can thoroughly attain peace only if you let your brain rest. Once you have mastered the art of meditation, it will slowly alter the way you see your life thus helping you fight depression.

When was the last time you were at peace with yourself? Probably you wouldn’t even remember for we never give our brains the rest that it deserves. Peace of mind can be attained if we try to detach from the outside world and this peace can be found within ourselves. Yes, you could go to a meditation retreat but once you stepped out of the door, the world is still the same. You couldn’t for crying out loud ask the world to stop turning just because you want to attain peace of mind, that’s not the way it works. What you could do is to silence your thoughts and meditate for a few minutes each day. You will be surprised to notice how meditation can finally give you that peace you badly need and deserve.

Believe it or not, meditation can actually increase one’s happiness! The constant pursuit of happiness in our lives can sometimes be downright disheartening for we often associate happiness with material possessions but that is not truly the case. Remember that happiness comes from within ourself and not from outside irrelevant things so make sure to include meditation into your daily habits as it helps you clear out negative thoughts thus leading you to the path of your happiness.


Image: | MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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