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Movie review: american ultra

Movie Review: American Ultra

  • 7.4k

    Sep 05, 2015   Author : admin


New action comedy American Ultra stars Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg and Connie Britton, in the tale of an undercover stoner CIA agent that the government tries to get rid of and can't.

Eisenberg plays the agent, called Mike. He works in a convenience store, is paranoid and is also a wannabe comic book artist. He secretly plans to ask his girlfriend Phoebe (played by Stewart) to marry him but the moment never seems to be quite right.   

We get to see that the CIA are planning to eliminate the last remaining Ultra program survivor, who just happens to be Mike. His old CIA boss Victoria Lasseter (played by Connie Britton) travels to Mike's town to protect him. She does this by giving him the secret code that is supposed to activate him, as he now knows all about his life as an agent again. However, he is too stoned to understand the code, so she has to leave him to look after himself.

After this, the agents come after Mike but his is too skilled in combat for them and kills them, which leads to him and Phoebe getting arrested. They then go into hiding at a friend's house and Lasseter tries again to protect Mike by telling the local news channel that he has a highly contagious, putting the whole city into quarantine.

As you can tell by now, it is an action-packed slapstick comedy with lots of wacky moments along the way. Still, it also manages to fit in some tender, romantic moments too. American Ultra's combination of humour and romance saw it gross $5.5 million in North American on the opening weekend.

Reviews so far have been mixed. While some people find that the mixture of comedy and drama is perfect, others aren't so convinced. Don't expect a deep story or unforgettable acting performances, but if you want some light-hearted, kooky fun with the odd tugging of a heart string thrown in them you shouldn't regret going to see this movie.

Image: IMBD  |  MYC Culture Writer: Robert Bell

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