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New on netflix uk for october 2015: new films and tv shows this month

New on Netflix UK for October 2015: New Films and TV shows this month

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    Oct 09, 2015   Author : admin

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Another month of exciting new releases on Netflix has arrived, with October promising us

The Horror Times this Halloween: Scream [title in italics] (TV series) [insert promo]


With Halloween just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get a few thrills into your life by watching the TV series spin-off from the incredibly successful Scream movies. This series has recently been shown in the US and reaches UK views at the start of October. Of course, you already know pretty much what to expect from this show, as a mysterious killer starts wreaking havoc among the population of Lakewood. Scream has been generally well received by critics so far.  (‘Beasts of No Nation’ INSERT promo)

The One Netflix really really [follow italics] wants you to watch: Beasts of No Nation

This war drama is the first original movie from Netflix and it looks like a fascinating if disturbing look at the use of child soldiers in Africa. A young boy called Agu loses his father in his country's civil war and is then forcibly recruited by a warlord into his army of child soldiers. Beasts of No Nation won an award at the Venice International Film Festival and has been praised for offering a brave and unwavering look at the effect of war on the children who get caught up in it. It reaches Netflix on the 16th of the month.  

Weekend Romance: About Time  [insert PROMO:]

This charming romantic comedy from Richard Curtis can already be viewed on Netflix, as it arrived on the 3rd of October. Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, who lives in Cornwall and has inherited the ability to time travel. He then decides that this gives him a great opportunity to go back and try to fix his love life. This leads, as you can well imagine, to some confusing and amusing situations along the way. There are also some surprisingly poignant messages in here about living each day to the full and aiming for a better life.

Netflix Favourite: Saving Mr Banks

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are the stars in this cute film, which arrives to our screen on the 24th of the month. Saving Mr Banks is a period drama that looks at how the film Mary Poppins was brought to our screens. Hanks plays Walt Disney and Thompson is author P.L. Travers. It is a gentle movie which has been praised for the quality of the acting and charming nature of the story.






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