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    Oct 26, 2015   Author : admin

Incredible as it may seem, SPECTRE is the 26th James Bond movie. It is also the 4th to feature Daniel Craig in the lead role as the suave international spy. The trailers released to date have raised expectation levels and it looks the full movie isn’t going to disappoint.

As the title of the film suggests, this marks a return of the global crime network SPECTRE, last seen way back in Diamonds Are Forever. This time, Bond must fight SPECTRE against a background of M16 possibly getting closed down and personal issues.

As usual with Bond, this is a spectacular globe-trotting adventure, going from Mexico on to Italy and then Austria and Morocco. The plot might sound quite familiar so far but the style with which the movie is made puts it a notch about the average spy thriller.

Craig is reported to again be excellent as 007, while Christoph Waltz turns in a top performance as Franz Oberhauser, a SPECTRE agent who is also a figure from Bond's past. Other characters include Dr Madeline Swan, played be Lea Sydoux, and Moneypenny, played by Naomie Harris. Of course, Q is here as well, played this time by Ben Whishaw.  

The world premiere of SPECTRE is in London the 26th of October, which is the same day it is released in the UK. Early reviews have been positive, with the opening scene and the stunts being particularly well received by viewers.

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