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Why liquid bronzers are the next best thing

Why Liquid Bronzers Are The Next Best Thing

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    Sep 05, 2015   Author : admin

Why do people use bronzers? It's to give their skin a healthier, darker appearance most commonly known as the “tanned” look. But aside from its tanning effect, people use bronzers to sculpt the face and give it more definition. However, if you’re a longtime powder bronzer fan, choosing to switch from powder to liquid may take a bit of convincing from the experts. It is, after all, changing your daily beauty routine. If you're still wary about using liquid bronzers to highlight your features, we'll guide you through the transition smoothly.

The Basics

Liquid bronzers will have different consistencies available, as well as shades, too. And unlike powder bronzers, they can provide complete coverage depending on your product preference. They also add moisture to the skin, making you have that "dewy" glow. However, if you have a rather oily skin, it is advisable that you prefer powder bronzers for your skin type.

The Pros of Using Liquid Bronzers

Liquid bronzers can be used as a normal foundation, producing the most natural-looking results. It possess' the texture of foundation, but is realistically not a foundation. They blend in well with natural skin easily, and works best with normal to dry skin. It is most ideal for women with dry skin as it usually contains some built-in moisturizers. If your skin is flaky, liquid bronzers will smoothen it out, making you look polished and blemish-free. It's practically a great option for all skin types.

When choosing the right shade of liquid bronzer for you, keep in mind your skin tone while testing out some products. You can swipe it on your skin and see if it's a shade darker than your own skin tone. If it’s already two or three shades darker, your skin will already look unnatural and grimy. Make sure you only use high-quality bronzers for your skin to avoid any sort of skin allergy or blemish. 

There’s a lot of liquid bronzer products available in the market; the trick is to test it out on your next beauty shopping spree. You can also ask sales assistants to help you find the right product for you. In case you’re currently looking for one, we’ve curated a handful of bronzers for you to try. Check ‘em out now:

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