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Test bulletin june 2016 brexit

test bulletin june 2016 brexit

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    Jun 16, 2016   Author : admin

Less than a week is left before U.K. holds the highly-anticipated EU referendum across the country. And while the outcome of the referendum can hardly be predicted, some suggest that British politicians are widely using scare tactics to encourage people to vote Leave or Stay in the EU.

Meanwhile, Euro 2016 began a week ago but it has already made numerous headlines. In particular, there are terror threats in France that could put the football event on hold or even cancel it.

And Russia has gotten in the center of scandals at Euro 2016 by the violent behavior of its fans. Russia and England fans had brutal clashes before and after the two national teams played last Saturday.









  • Bank of England governor’s war of wards against Vote Leave campaign.
  • US Federal Reserve puts interest rates on hold because of U.K.’s upcoming EU referendum.
  • There could be $43 billion in tax spikes and budget cuts if U.K. votes in favor of Brexit.











 This time in History

  • June 17: in 1885, State of Liberty arrived in New York as a present from the people of France.
  • June 16: in 1884, first ever roller coaster opened in America at Coney Island.
  • June 14: in 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the stars and stripes flag of the United States of America. 

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